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OBAT Helpers is a non-profit, 501(C) 3 organization committed to providing aid, healthcare, education and economic empowerment to an unfortunate, displaced and forgotten population residing in slum-like camps in Bangladesh. Altogether, there are about 300,000 people languishing in one hundred and sixteen makeshift camps in extremely poor conditions. They are a population living in abject poverty with no access to basic amenities of living. Read more.



Help us provide countless opportunities to bright young students, from preschool through college, to enhance their lives and transform their futures.


Help us provide relief, comfort and assistance to those ailing from common medical conditions to life altering treatments.


Help us empower the forgotten through investing in self-financed businesses and self-sustainable community infrastructure projects.

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OBAT Helpers Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) public charity organization (Tax ID# 47-0946122)

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"The camp residents are like my extended family, and even though the trials they face are endured by them and them alone, I experience their suffering and pain vicariously."


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Adopt a Project

Adopt a Project

Is there an OBAT Helpers project that really touches your heart? Now is your chance to reach out and make a difference! This four step program allows you to raise funds toward any of our projects and create an indelible impact on the lives of the unfortunate camp residents. You, along with your family and friends, can join hands and provide help by adopting educational programs, tutoring centers, health clinics, drinking water projects and individual families. You can also fund college scholarships and camp improvement projects.



OBAT Helpers benefits thousands of destitute camp residents in Bangladesh. Locally, it also holds an annual 5 K walk, benefiting a worthy cause in Indianapolis. This effort requires a lot of help in every possible way. Your support has played a fundamental role so far. Now, you have the chance to get directly involved by helping us with a skill or by simply giving your spare time. Sign up today to be an OBAT Helpers volunteer and use your free time for a great cause. Join H2O (Help to OBAT- a volunteer group of young professionals) or YFO (Young Friends of OBAT- a volunteer group aged 13 to 18). To volunteer, please reach us at contact@obathelpers.org.

OBAT Helpers Annual Trip

OBAT Helpers Annual Trip

Every year, the President of OBAT, Anwar Khan, makes an annual trip to the camps to monitor and evaluate the projects and to address issues and concerns faced by the residents. Throughout the years, several people including board members and volunteers have joined him in his yearly trip. You can be a part of this life changing experience too. Visit the camps to lend your talents. Teach skills, mentor students, tutor and train them to learn and perform better. Reach us at contact@obathelpers.org if you are interested in travelling to Bangladesh in the future. It is a great opportunity to organize a mission trip, lend your talents or spend valuable time learning a new culture, helping deserving people and seeing another world.

From the Blog

Anwar’s diaries- Day 11

22 December, 2016

Departing Rangpur in the early hours, we began our return trip to Dhaka. We were happy to welcome on our tour, Mr. Abul Kashem, who will be joining us during his semester break from medical school. On our way, we stopped by Ishurdi Camp D-Zone to distribute blankets among one hundred widows who surely need them during these winter months. We were glad to walk around the camps and visit the newly constructed  bathroom for women. Later that night, we were thankful to return to Dhaka with our team to continue our project and camp visits.


A recipient of the blanket distribution.


The new bathroom for women


Blanket distribution


A recipient of the blanket distribution.



Anwar’s Diaries- Day 24th and 25th

January 4th, 2017

Early in the morning, we had a meeting with Shiekh Kabir Hussain, (Chairman Associate Bangladesh Private University and a board member of Bangabandhu Science and Technology University). We introduced the work that OBAT Helpers is doing and discussed ways of empowering underprivileged communities via education. It was a pleasure and honor meeting him. We hope that we get more opportunities to learn from his team and join hands with them in future projects.

Next, we had a short meeting with our OBAT-BD team regarding the forecast for projects for 2017. We discussed ways in which we can improve communication and transparency among our team, donors and partners. We are looking forward to achieving goals for 2017.

Visit to the Pitha Festival and Science Fair: This was a cake festival organized by our tutorial students of OBAT Tutoring Center, Dhaka. We enjoyed the delicious cakes and pastries baked by the students. This is a first step for the students toward achieving entrepreneurial skills. The students operated the stalls and executed marketing activities by themselves. We hope that one day, they will become successful entrepreneurs.  Students of science group organized a science fair on the same day. They presented amazing science projects such as, hydraulic bridge, environment friendly industry, solar system and energy saver etcetera. We hope that one day, this little initiative will spark in them the desire to become successful inventors.

Lastly, we met with Mr. Niaz Ahmed, (co-founder of AWARD, an NGO operating in the camps) and his family members, at his residence. The meeting was regarding working collaboratively to create solutions for  camp issues.  At present, we are collaboratively working on a small scale but we hope that, we will able to do more projects  together in the near future.


 January 5th, 2017

We had a strategic meeting with our Dhaka team regarding accounting processes and the implementation of online accounting systems. Accounts Officer of OBAT Helpers Dhaka, Shahana Akter, talked about meeting the goals of 2016 and the goals that she would like the organization to achieve in 2017.

Next, we moved to NLJ OBAT High School to attend the book distribution program. We felt happy to distribute the books among our kids. Afterward, we had a discussion with NLJ OBAT School teachers regarding improvement in teaching methods, focusing on building up leadership qualities and the goals and plan for 2017. Some of the students also performed songs, poems, and skits on the importance of education.

In the evening, it was a pleasure meeting with Mohammad Rial Ahsan, former Principal at American Management Systems. We introduced him to OBAT Helpers and the work we have been doing in the camps. We discussed how we were focusing on producing creating leaders and  thinkers. Mr Ahsan  also shared his model for education which is being implemented in his 60+ schools around Bangladesh; they too focus on building leadership qualities in students and the teachers work as facilitators of the classrooms instead of in a traditional role of an instructor.   

We were very impressed by all the work Mr Ahsan is doing and with his vision. We are very excited about the opportunity to learn from his vast expertise and are looking forward to building a strong personal and professional relationship with him in the future.

Later in the evening, we visited Mr. Mahbub’s residence to attend a meeting. Different people from the business community who are working in social development and some  founders of NGO’s were also present at the meeting. These included, Alhaj Sk. Mohammad Rabban Ali, (Mr. Ali is a Sponsor Director of Social Islamic Bank Limited and one of the renowned and successful industrialists and businessman in the country), Niaz Ahmed (Co-Founder of Award), Dr. Amirullah (Director of Habib Group), Zabbar Khan (President, SPGRC), Syed Jalaluddin Ahmed (General Secretary, OBAT Helpers.), Zakwan Barkati (Treasurer, OBAT Helpers),  Khalid Hussain (Founder, Council of Minorities & representative of Ahmed Foundation). All the people present were involved in the social development sector in some way or another. Discussions took place on how we could all collaborate and work together to create a positive change in the camps.


Students at the stall at the Pitha festival

students of spoken english class

Students from the spoken English class gave me a beautiful gift

teachers students of science fair who made projects for it

Participating teachers and students from the science fair


Book distribution program at the NLJ High School


Book distribution program at the NLJ High School


Book distribution program at the NLJ High School


With think tank students

Anwar’s Diaries- Day 21st- 23rd

 January 1st, 2017

This is the time of year that many of us make personal resolutions. We spent the day in Dhaka office to discuss self-improvement plan with each staff member individually. We discussed the ways to improve teamwork efficiency, communication skills, technical competency and empowerment of their creative confidence- things that are vital for the continuous growth of an organization.

Currently, following projects are running  in Mohammadpur and Mirpur, in the city of Dhaka: Tutoring Center, English School, Preschools, Computer Training Center, Education for Working Children Program, NLJ Junior High School, OBAT BLS High School, Scholarship Program, Mirpur IT Center, Clean Water and Charity Programs etcetera. We are continuously trying to improve our quality, strengthen our teamwork, and build up leadership qualities among our team while setting a good example for our students. We work together to  achieve the ultimate goal of spreading  happiness among the forgotten people.

January 2nd 2017

Once a year, the Dhaka team organizes a sports day for our students. The various schools come together for Annual Sports Day in each city/district.  This allows all our students from various grades to come together and enjoy the day, out and about with their fellow classmates and teachers.  Students participated in various sporting activities including racing, skipping, high and long jumps, etcetera. The winners from each event were awarded prizes.

January 3rd 2017

In the morning, we felt honored to attend the book distribution ceremony at OBAT English School, Dhaka.  The kids received textbooks and course books for the entire year. These were given at no cost to the students. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet with inspiring students and dedicated teachers.  Students were very excited to get the new books for new class. Afterwards,  our team had some great conversation with the parents who were waiting to pick up their children  after the distribution.

Next, we had a very effective meeting with our partner organization, ISDCM.  We had a great strategy meeting with our teams, discussing the new projects for 2017 and ways to improve our financial processes, to streamline things while increasing communication and transparency, by adopting online documentations tools.


Dhaka English School students at their sports day


Dhaka English School students at their sports day

book distribution

Dhaka English School students

Halima Sultana head teacher

Ms. Halima Sultana, Head Teacher, OBAT’s Dhaka English School

math quiz and race competition

OBAT’s Dhaka English School students at their sports day

OBAT GS Jalaluddin ahmed distributing prizes

OBAT’s Dhaka English School students at their sports day prize distribution ceremony

PEC grads from grade V dhaka sch

PEC graduates from grade 5

PEC graduates

PEC graduates from grade 5

ready to race

OBAT’s Dhaka English School students at their sports day

spoon race

OBAT’s Dhaka English School students at their sports day

students performing on sports day

OBAT’s Dhaka English School students at their sports day

tomato race

OBAT’s Dhaka English School students at their sports day

winners of race

Winners from the sports day at OBAT’s Dhaka English School

working children students

Students from OBAT’s Working Children Program

Anwar’s Diaries- Day 20th

31st December, 2016

Our leadership team had the honour of meeting Mr. Sm. Nazer Hossain, President of ISDEC (Integrated Services for Development Efforts) and CAB (Consumer Association of Bangladesh).  Our team discussed various issues related to the development of the camps/slums and how we as a collective group could come together and work jointly. We are looking forward to building a strong relationship with him and his team in 2017.

Once our meeting concluded, our team travelled to Halishaher School, where we watched  the students do their morning physical exercise drills.  Immad and Abul Kashem participated in the drills. The team then met with students, teachers and guardians and visited their classrooms.

During the classroom visits, some of the kids displayed some outstanding talents, which left our team speechless.  There is so much hidden and untapped potential in the youth of the camps- it’s inspiring to  witness it.

The PSC and JSC students at Halishaher, had outstanding results this year. Our team spent a little time talking to the kids who excelled in the national exams. We discussed their future plans and their struggles. We were hoping to better understand what it took  to achieve such amazing results, so we could help other kids reach such  huge milestones as well.

We also got the chance to visit the newly constructed ladies bathrooms and shallow pump and toilet.


OBAT’s Halishaher School students doing their morning drill


OBAT’s Halishaher School students doing their morning drill


OBAT’s Halishaher School students during morning prayers


Tossing a basketball at Halishaher School


OBAT’s Halishaher School students during class


Anwar’s Diaries- Day 19th

30th December, 2016


Early in the morning, we were warmly welcomed by OBAT Primary School in Ferozshah, Chittagong. The Annual Sports Day was also held on the same day. Students participated in various competitive sports. The various sporting activities included racing, skipping, high and long jumps, etcetera. The participating students displayed their talents through these sports. The winners of these games feel a sense of pride. Prizes are awarded to the winners by us and other honorable invitees.

In the evening, we attended a meeting with all the teachers of the Chittagong projects- primary schools, pre-schools, IT center  and tutoring center.


With Chittagong tutoring center’s students


With Ferozeshah School students


Ferozeshah School students on their sports day


Ferozeshah School students on their sports day, holding the prizes they received


Ferozeshah School students on their sports day


Ferozeshah School students on their sports day


Anwar’s Diaries- Day 18

December 29th, 2016

Early in the morning, the team traveled to Ferozshah Primary School. We felt honored that the local counselor of Chittagong city corporation, Mr. Jasim, came to meet with us. We were glad because he gave his valuable time to discuss  the progress of our school and gave some advice to the Headmaster of the school and to the Project Officer for the betterment of the school.

We got the chance to spend time with the amazing kids from grade one to five. Abul Kashem (Future Doctor), Sk. Tarek Amir (Student of Dhaka University) and Abul Khayer (Sunny) (Tutor In-Charge & Executive Intern) shared their experiences with the kids and inspired them to dream for a better future.

After that, we visited Khulshi Preschool. As a team, we visited this school for the first time. I had a wonderful time with the beautiful children.

Next, we went to Islamia Camp, Chittagong to visit OBAT’s water point. Water is a precious resource for the camp people, since it is used for drinking, cleaning and to cook food. Previously, in Islamia camp, people didn’t get clean water easily. Women used to walk to areas that were  4-5 km away to fetch clean water for drinking and cooking. Now, life in Islamia camp is much better because of establishing a  water point in the camp. According to the camp residents, they are very happy to have access to clean water. We also went to visit the construction work in Bungalow L-93 in S.B Nagar- the work is being done for the expansion of a junior school and tutoring center.

During the afternoon, we visited OBAT preschool in S.B. Nagar.  After that, we visited OBAT Primary School. Kids were really excited. We enjoyed spending some time with them. We had a chance to visit the tutorial center and  the IT center as well. We also attended an award ceremony organized for the second graduating batch. I announced a personal computer as a gift to encourage the youth. A drawing was made and the lucky winner was Soma Akhter.

We got the chance to have an interactive session with the youth at S.B Nagar. Sk. Tarek Amir, Abul Kashem and Abul Khayer(Sunny) had an inspirational session with the youth. In this session, they advised the youth about the different fields of education and careers. They motivated the youth to engage in community development work as well as to volunteer for the Think Tank.


OBAT’s Ferozeshah School students


A sweet welcome from OBAT’s Ferozeshah School students


OBAT’s Ferozeshah School students line up to greet the OBAT team

Ferozeshah students

OBAT’s Ferozeshah School students line up to greet the OBAT team

with mr jasim counselor of Chitt

Meeting with Mr. Jasim, Councillor of Chittagong