Anwar’s Diaries- Day 19th

30th December, 2016


Early in the morning, we were warmly welcomed by OBAT Primary School in Ferozshah, Chittagong. The Annual Sports Day was also held on the same day. Students participated in various competitive sports. The various sporting activities included racing, skipping, high and long jumps, etcetera. The participating students displayed their talents through these sports. The winners of these games feel a sense of pride. Prizes are awarded to the winners by us and other honorable invitees.

In the evening, we attended a meeting with all the teachers of the Chittagong projects- primary schools, pre-schools, IT center  and tutoring center.


With Chittagong tutoring center’s students


With Ferozeshah School students


Ferozeshah School students on their sports day


Ferozeshah School students on their sports day, holding the prizes they received


Ferozeshah School students on their sports day


Ferozeshah School students on their sports day