Stories of Resilience

Against All Odds

Irfan Khan was born in one of the dilapidated huts in Geneva camp, Dhaka. In his early twenties, Irfan is the youngest among his two siblings. His father passed away when he was only three years old. As a result, his mother, Nasrin Begum, had to raise the three children alone. Nasrin Begum was illiterate and was hence presented with numerous challenges and had to work extremely hard to survive.  She started making paper bags and sold them to eke out a living.

More of Irfan’s story here.


Exemplary Motivation

Dilruba Jaman resides in the Community Center Camp of Dhaka with her parents and two younger siblings. Her father works hard to support his family- he is the sole provider. He runs a stall for selling tea and earns a measly monthly income of about $51.

Despite the financial setbacks, Dilruba studied hard to pursue her dream. She enrolled in OBAT’s tutoring center to receive help in preparing for her exam. Read more…

First Future Medical Doctor

Because his father is unemployed, Kashem’s is the family’s only source of income. He has wanted to be a doctor since he was a child and had been preparing for the medical college tests. Now, his dream is about to come true. Kashem has cleared his medical school entry test and is poised to become the first doctor in 43 years from among 70 camps. Read More…

Zafar Ali with mom (2)

Giving Back

Zafar’s parents were able to get him through high school where his diligence got him stellar grades. Zafar feels that without his parents’ moral and financial support, he could not have gotten that far. After high school, he tried to get admission into a university for higher education but the meager income of his father who works as a driver, could not allow that to happen. Zafar approached OBAT for assistance with completing his college education. Read more…