Community and Infrastructure Development

SB Nagar well June 2013

Tube well in Sardar Bahadur Nagar camp.

Mirpur- annual report

Tube well in Mirpur camp.


Shallow tube well in Rangpur.

OBAT provides financial assistance to the sick, elderly and widows in the camp communities. Thousands of families have been helped through the Ramadan Food Distribution and Qurbani Meat Distribution programs. These programs are conducted around the two Muslim festivals celebrated in the camps. Communities have also benefited through projects such as renovation or construction of new bathrooms, community centers, drains and sewage systems. Relief projects are also undertaken by OBAT in case of a disastrous situation, for instance a camp fire or a natural calamity such as floods or cyclones.

To address the dearth of potable water, OBAT has installed deep tube wells in different camps to provide better, safe and clean water for the camp communities. Currently, seven tube wells and twenty nine hand pumps are operational in various cities. About 21,000 people benefit from all the drinking water projects .

Ramadan Charity-2015-16
Ramadan Food Distribution Syedpur