OBAT Youth Programs


OBAT Think Tank was formed in December 2012 to utilize and involve the vast and untapped potential that is present in the youth of the camps. It is an organized group led by the youth of the camps and works hand in hand with the OBAT staff. The main goal of the Think Tank is to organize and involve the youth with positive community building activities. The group aims to keep its members focused on the betterment of youth, while simultaneously improving their leadership and communication skills. It also works on spreading awareness regarding health, safety and a clean environment.

Meet the leadership of the Think Tank here.

Several amazing projects have been organized by the Think Tank so far, read about some of them below.

PEC farewell 1

Students of tutoring center run by Think Tank at their farewell ceremony.


Think Tank members going door to door for a household and camp mapping survey conducted with the help of partnering organization, PARAA.

think tank meeting

Think Tank members at a brainstorming session.

Make it Green, Keep it Clean

This was implemented at six different camps in Mohammadpur, Dhaka. The objective was to create awareness amid the inhabitants on how to improve their health and the living conditions in the camps. Read more.

Dhaka School Library

What makes this project of the Think Tank more special than others is that the group raised $130 from among themselves to bring it to fruition. Read more.

Medical Check-up Awareness Camp

Another Think Tank project was a medical checkup and awareness camp that was held on December 16th, 2013. Read more.

Change the Community Through Youth

Five members of OBAT Think Tank have opened a tutoring center for preparation of  the P.E.C exam. Read more.

Disable to Able

Due to widespread illiteracy, many camp residents are unaware of some the facilities that are offered by the government. Read more.

Solar Light Project

For the last 26 years, the NLJ OBAT high school has faced serious lighting issues. This has greatly hampered the educational process for the students in these classrooms. Read more.

Global hand washing day

October 15th is designated as global hand washing day to promote awareness of the benefits of hand washing with soap. Read more.



OBAT Media Production (OMP) was formed in January 2015 to utilize the latent talent of the youth volunteers residing in camps. Through OMP, the youth are trained in making videos, documentation, presentation and photography etc. Through these mediums, they are able to share the stories of their fellow camp residents with the rest of the world. Learning these skills will also be invaluable to them if they decide to pursue a career in this direction.

Some of their work, including photos and videos can be viewed at their Facebook page on @obat.helpersMedia.

 An incredible and first of its kind project undertaken by the students of OBAT Helpers Media Productions, was an exhibition of photos taken by them. This exhibition known as, “Diamonds in the Rough,” was held at the Indiana Inter-church Center’s art gallery in Indianapolis, United States, where works of well-known artists are displayed every month. Thanks to the outstanding training and mentoring provided by then COO and current Executive Director, Immad Ahmed, the students got behind the lens and were able to relate stories through the amazing photos that were a part of this exhibit. “Diamonds in the Rough” opened on April 1st, 2016 and was displayed till the end of the month. The subjects of the photos were students living in the camps, who were continuing their education with the assistance of scholarships received from OBAT. Their stories of hardship, resilience and determination to shine amid the darkness surrounding them, accompanied the photos.


This program focuses on providing project management and professional skill development training via real world examples.  The internships are assigned high level program strategy assignments which work in direct collaboration with the Executive Director.  They coordinate on strategies with the OBAT Helpers administrative team, staff, and volunteers.


DREAM is a non-governmental, charitable organization which has been created by some energetic youth in the camps. They are committed to the development of the underprivileged camp communities by establishing quality of education, creating awareness, building employment opportunities and empowering the destitute families in different camps in Bangladesh. The DREAM team is also committed to improving the provision of basic rights, to mitigate  illiteracy and to provide financial support to the underprivileged families who are suffering under inhumane living conditions. Read more about this inspiring group at their Facebook page, @MineDream35