Board of Directors

Board of Directors:

OBAT Helpers is very fortunate to be led and mentored by an eminent panel of highly accomplished professionals, who are bound together by the passion to eradicate human suffering. Their collective vision and sense of purpose has helped the organization with tackling issues from a new perspective. Meet our remarkable team by clicking on their names below:

Anwar Khan- President                                  Charlie Wiles- Secretary

Dr. Shujaat Wasty- Vice President               Cyrus Suleman- Treasurer

Tabasum Ahmed- Director                            Dr. Rezwan Khan- Director

Afshan Khan- Director                                   Dr. Azfar Malik- Director

Kamran Anis- Director                                   Dr. John Clark– Director

Masum M. Mahbub- Director

Nadeem Haque- Director

Board of Advisors:

Jawaid Ekram (WA)- Chief Advisor Rizwan Samad (Seattle)|- Advisor | Moviz Asad Siddiqui- Advisor for broadcast & print media | Shahzia Banth (CA) – Advisor for social media | Syed Ehtesham Arshad (Chicago)- Advisor | Faiz Rahman (D.C.) – Advisor | Dr. Shariq Siddiqui (Indianapolis) – Advisor | Azhar Khan (Indianapolis) – Advisor | Dr. Maarij Syed (Indianapolis)- Advisor | Dr. Javed Imam- Advisor | Abdur Rahman Yaqub- Advisor | Hiba Suleman (Indianapolis)  Advisor | Mohammad Iqbal Malik (Dallas)- Advisor | Shamim Suleman (Indianapolis)  Advisor | Dr. Helal Ekramuddin (St. Louis)– Advisor | Dr. Tariq Akbar (Ft. Wayne)– Advisor | Tariq Shazlee– Advisor, Education & Technology | Sarwat Siddiqui (Chicago)– Advisor  | Riaz Fasihi- Advisor | Dr. Ayaz Malik (Dallas)- Advisor | Ahmer Khan (Bay Area)– Advisor