Anwar’s Diaries- Day 20th

31st December, 2016

Our leadership team had the honour of meeting Mr. Sm. Nazer Hossain, President of ISDEC (Integrated Services for Development Efforts) and CAB (Consumer Association of Bangladesh).  Our team discussed various issues related to the development of the camps/slums and how we as a collective group could come together and work jointly. We are looking forward to building a strong relationship with him and his team in 2017.

Once our meeting concluded, our team travelled to Halishaher School, where we watched  the students do their morning physical exercise drills.  Immad and Abul Kashem participated in the drills. The team then met with students, teachers and guardians and visited their classrooms.

During the classroom visits, some of the kids displayed some outstanding talents, which left our team speechless.  There is so much hidden and untapped potential in the youth of the camps- it’s inspiring to  witness it.

The PSC and JSC students at Halishaher, had outstanding results this year. Our team spent a little time talking to the kids who excelled in the national exams. We discussed their future plans and their struggles. We were hoping to better understand what it took  to achieve such amazing results, so we could help other kids reach such  huge milestones as well.

We also got the chance to visit the newly constructed ladies bathrooms and shallow pump and toilet.


OBAT’s Halishaher School students doing their morning drill


OBAT’s Halishaher School students doing their morning drill


OBAT’s Halishaher School students during morning prayers


Tossing a basketball at Halishaher School


OBAT’s Halishaher School students during class